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Luxury CBD Paw Butter

CBD Paw Butter

  • SOOTH YOUR PETS PAWS—Are your pets paws cracked, damaged, or chapped? Your pet could be in pain and suffering! CBD Paw Butter will relieve your pet paw pain by repairing and restoring your pets skin. Regular use of our CBD Paw Butter will renew your pets foot and make  your pet healthy once again! 
  • SHOW YOUR PET YOU LOVE THEM—Your pet will be as happy as ever with his or her new soft paws. They will know that you love them because CBD Paw Butter is the highest quality organic CBD Paw Butter on the market, suitable for both humans and dogs. Show your dog you love them by treating them to this luxurious soothing butter that will prevent and heal skin and paw problems!
  • Our 100% organic formula means you don’t have to be concerned about chemicals or other harsh ingredients. All Natural and unrefined shea butter!
  • REST ASSURED WITH OUR GUARANTEE— If you have any issues, we will immediately refund your order for our CBD Paw Butter. If you have questions, we will happily answer any of them and help you with any of your needs. 
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