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Astounding Benefits!

How can CBD help your pet?

Both veterinarians and pet owners have seen the remarkable

health benefits from the use of  CBD in animals!


Pets and CBD

Studies have shown that

Cannabinoids (CBD)  have powerful

 anti - inflammatory effects and can help with mobility issues (arthritis and joint pain), neurological disorders (paralysis and seizures), skin issues, and skin disorders.

It can also help animals with behavior issues, such as separation and social anxiety as well as aggression and reduce excessive barking & bad chewing behavior.

Why are our CBD Pet
Soft Chews the BEST?

 Hemp Starzs CBD Chewable pet treats are specially designed to make it easy for your pet to get the benefits of CBD! They are free of THC and other harmful chemicals, so you can trust that your pet is getting all the good stuff. Give your pet the best with Hemp Starzs CBD Pet Soft Chews!

  • 100% THC Free = Zero psychoactive effects

  • CBD derived from organically grown hemp

  • 100% American Hemp CBD

  • Chemical-free: No herbicide, or pesticides

  • 3rd Party Lab tested for quality and consistency

  • Non GMO, No Gluten, No Dairy

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