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Why Choose Us?

Health, Wellness and Longevity

At Hemp Starzs we believe that CBD has amazing potential to help heal the mind, body and promote longevity.

We focus on creating innovative solutions to help repair, restore and promote a healthier lifestyle. We dedicate ourselves to providing  the highest quality forms of CBD and natural based botanical infusions for your mental and physical health. 

Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis

Jennie Lopez, Founder

In 2013, Arizona's first medical marijuana program was the foundation of how Jennie Lopez was able to first start her journey in creating Medicinal Marijuana and CBD products for her patients.  As a novice chef, she excelled in creating gluten-free, allergen friendly edibles and Topicals for her consumers.  As her knowledge grew on how effective and beneficial CBD was, she created and founded Hemp Starzs. A Innovative Hemp based Company that will  provide many natural based solutions that can help restore and promote longevity. 

Our Clients

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